Behind some leaves on a clear day the Greenlake Guest House stands tall and proud

COVID-19 Update from Greenlake Guest House (updated 4-23-20)

Background-COVID-19 in Seattle: Here in Seattle, we’ve been feeling the effects of the COVID-19 impact since the end of February. Since then, the virus has become a worldwide pandemic. Seattle schools are currently are closed through June. Restaurants are open, but are now limited to take out and delivery options. Only essential travel is recommended […]

25 Days of Christmas Cookies at Greenlake Guest House-A Recap

  If you have been a guest with us in the past, you may be aware that we have been baking “25 Days of Christmas Cookies” each December for the past few years. This year may have been our best yet. Julie and all of the staff including Jane, Linsy, Katie all look forward to […]

Swedich Pancakes on a breakfast plate

Recipe: Blayne’s Swedish Pancakes-A Special Christmas Breakfast

Swedish Pancakes are a McAferty family tradition. Blayne's dad always made them for the family when Blayne was growing up, and he continued the tradition with our boys. Blayne prefers to cook them on a round electric skillet so that he can keep the heat evenly distributed. When our boys went away to college, Blayne […]

Bowl of colorful chili

Innkeeper Jane’s Favorite Recipes for Feeding Friends & Family During the Holidays

Hello, this is Jane writing a guest blog for the Greenlake Guest House. I’ve been working at the inn for over 10 years. I love cooking delicious, healthy food and recently completed a second degree in nutrition and culinary arts. The Holiday season is here, and many of us will be entertaining and feeding friends […]