Innkeeper Katie’s Daytrip Recommendation: Hurricane Ridge on Olympic Peninsula

June 16, 2019

Hello, this is Katie writing a guest blog for Greenlake Guest House. Originally from Kentucky, I love the outdoors and try to go outside whenever I can. Recently, my boyfriend and I did a day trip to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains, across Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula west of Seattle. The drive is about 3 hours each way, which sounds a little daunting at first. However, there is plenty to break up your drive on the way there, so it is more of a journey and an adventure, rather than just sitting in the car for hours. I loved my first trip to Hurricane Ridge and I intend to go back again!


After your hearty breakfast at Greenlake Guest House, drive the 20 minutes to Edmonds. If you have time, splash along the saltwater shore and look out for seal, cormorants, and blue herons. Hop onto the Washington State ferry from Edmonds to Kingston (it comes every 45 minutes and the crossing is approximately 35 minutes). Once you are on the ferry, get out of your car and walk up to the upper deck and look straight ahead to get a glimpse of the beautiful Olympic Mountain range.


In Kingston, my favorite place to grab a quick lunch is The Cup and Muffin. It is a drive through or walk up stand and they serve nice coffee, sandwiches, and other goodies.

Port Gamble:

After stopping for a quick lunch, our next destination is about 10 minutes down the road to Port Gamble. Port Gamble is a cute historic village from the 1850’s and was a former company town. You don’t need to spend all day there because there are only a few shops but the shops that are there are worth seeing. They have local arts, weaving, yarn, quilts, and antiques. You’ll be sure to leave this town with a few treasures!

Hurricane Ridge:

After you leave Port Gamble, it’s time to drive the last hour and 45 minutes to Hurricane Ridge. You will enjoy the trip surrounded by evergreen trees on either side and the mountains getting ever closer. Once you get to Hurricane Ridge, be sure to check out broth of the visitor’s centers; one when you first enter the park and one at the top of the ridge to pick up a map and trail guide. On your way up to the top, pull over to check out the trailhead with the waterfall, one of my favorite parts of the trip. Then continue driving up to the top. Once there, you might be greeted by many deer and marmots scurrying along the meadows. There are a few short trails that you can do just around the meadows or strike out on some longer trails. We did the Cirque de Rim trail and the High Ridge trail. The High Ridge trail is beautiful with curious marmots, wildflowers, and a nice view of mountains and saltwater. Only out here in Washington have I found such a beautiful blend of the two. On your way back down, stop at the overlooks and slowly make your way back to the ferry and to Seattle. Note: for a beautiful view of the Seattle skyline on your way home, consider heading south to cross Puget Sound on the Bainbridge Island ferry, which comes right into downtown Seattle, rather than returning on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. There is a bit more congestion and traffic downtown, but it is worth doing for the spectacular view.