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August 1, 2016 by: Julie & Blayne Mcaferty

Guide to Seattle Coffee

Guide to Seattle Coffee

Starbucks Reserve

Walking into Starbucks Reserve Roastery feels like a regular Starbucks passed through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and plopped onto Capitol Hill. The bronze-filled venue, much larger than a regular café, is a coffee lover’s paradise. Visitors can watch machines roast beans or baristas brew coffee, sample rare types of coffee, or browse through all the gadgets and gizmos that the coffee connoisseur can desire. It’s not a bad place to pick up a Starbucks souvenir or two, either – the selection is huge.

Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer Coffee buys coffee from farms around the world that practice old-world farming methods, including spots in Africa, South America, Central America, and the Middle East. The farming region makes a difference, producing high quality coffee that coffee drinkers and wholesale buyers can appreciate. The café regularly features local artists’ work for sale that adds a homey vibe to each Herkimer location in Phinney Ridge, Ravenna, and Dexter.
Ask any Herkimer bartender about the flavor notes in each signature blend, and they will doubtless have something interesting to say. Keep your eyes open for Herkimer’s signature blue star and give this coffee shop a try.


This popular Capitol Hill spot started out of a desperate need for a local coffee spot. At the time of Victrola’s formation in 2000, the 15th Ave neighborhood was sorely lacking good coffee and a place to meet up with friends. Out of that need grew an iconic coffee company with its signature jazzy 1920’s style that neighborhood residents flocked to. Seven years after the original Victrola café was born, its most iconic café was built out of a 1920’s auto row building that features one-of-a-kind architecture and natural lighting. Customers can watch Victrola’s active roaster in this location, or simply enjoy a good cappuccino.
Every Wednesday at 11AM, Victrola’s Pike St location holds free coffee tastings led by a professional roaster.

Caffe Ladro

Much like Herkimer Coffee, Caffe Ladro follows its coffee beans around the world to find the best flavors and works with local farmers to create fair working conditions. Its ethically-sourced coffee reached popularity all the way back to its start in 1994 from its original Upper Queen Anne location. Caffe Ladro also sells fresh, homemade pastries that are a step above your typical Starbucks croissant. Today, the café has 15 locations around Seattle and its outskirts including a roasting division on Queen Anne.

A visit to Seattle and the Greenlake Guest House is not complete without some great tasting, local coffee! 

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